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Author:  hey [ Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Setup Instructions For The Raspberry PI and GMC-300

New Update:
Here are the installation instructions to setup the Raspberry PI and gmc-300/320

1. Plug in the SD chip with the PI4NETC software included if necessary.
2. Plug in the USB cable from the gmc-300 to the PI USB port.
3. Plug in the USB power supply to the PI mini USB port and the A/C power.
4. Turn on the gmc-300 by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. (GMC-320 must have the baud rate of 56k, if not already set by NETC tech)
5. Check to see if the Wireless chip is flashing; if not it could not find an open connection, then plug in a headset to the audio jack on the Raspberry Pi and listen to the diagnostics readout.

** If your router is password then you must plug in a cable to the Internet router and the Raspberry PI.
Go to you Windows computer and Start IE or Chrome web browser. In the URL address field, type in the PI MAC ID number follow by / ( EBxxxxxx/ ) 8digits only. The webpage will be displayed. Click on "wireless tab" and click on "configure" on your SSID. Type in your "Passphrase" and click on "Save and Activate Configuration" Wait 2 minutes and unplug the internet cable. The system is now running on

6. Go to your computer and go to and click on Login, to the Forum. Your
login to the Forum. Username: PI MAC ID on PI, and Password is your email address.

The following steps could already be done, just check your location on the map, if not continue
- Click on "User Control Panel"
- Click on "Site Management"
- Click on your unit
- Enter Address for your unit - Click on "Set location"
- Enter Information about your unit - Click on "Set Information"
- Click on "Exit" and wait for screen to clear.

Your unit is setup and collecting data. The graph takes 20 minutes to build
before displaying the data.

The PI user manual in on the Forum under RAD Station Members Only, which are now a member

If you have any problems, please contact:

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