Byron Nuclear Plant Observation - October 2015
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Author:  KingCobra [ Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Byron Nuclear Plant Observation - October 2015

On September 14th of 2015 the Byron Nuclear Plant Unit 1 was shutdown for scheduled refueling. It returned online October 3, 2015. The reactor did reach 100 percent but recently I noticed that the plant operators we doing what appeared to me as some kind of comparison testing. They were dialing both reactors at that plant to the same percentage of power at the same time. I have never seen this done before with any other reactors in the United States. Now I see they returned Unit 2 to 100% power and it appears that they might be dialing Unit 1 down to shut it off again. I assume due to the comparison testing I noticed (watching the reactor status page) they might not be sure what the problem is. Remember an EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN release more radiation in to the environment than a controlled (slow) shutdown. An EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN also reduces a plants score with the NRC so an EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN is avoided as much as possible.

:?: Are they shutting it down to inspect or repair something?

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