I Welcome All Chart Members To Review My Test
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Author:  KingCobra [ Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  I Welcome All Chart Members To Review My Test

I am currently comparing two different air purifier units, both outside side by side.

1. One has the GMC-300 on the intake filter of my newest air purifier model.

2. The other is my old air purifier model with the GMC-200 on the face of the intake filter:

Chart members can compare the graphs of each, links below. When you compare the graphs, please make sure you only compare for example the last 48 hours of one with a 48 hour graph of the other for the best view. I am testing these both to see which one I like best overall. So far, the GMC-200 on the older style air purifier seems to show more of a defined rise and fall in the trends. It is fair to say that with the newer model purifier & the GMC-300 unit, even though the trends are not as defined as the other unit, they are still seen. Please do not compare the CPM, this is not so important to compare as the time you see a rise vs. fall between graphs. Different geiger counters can easily vary on their counts like different scales.

This is where NETC works so well to find what the normal CPM range is with each different geiger counter/station and set RADCON levels based on that level. Each different type (regular tube vs. pancake) of geiger counter can have RADCON alerts at the same time even when their CPM are very different.

I suspect that the reason the detections seem to be higher/defined on the older unit might be because the GMC-200 is a smaller unit which does not take up as much room on the filter. This allows the purifier more filter to trap more particles and therefore increase the levels of radiation. I am happy to see that both units seem to show a rise & fall around the same times. The newer unit with the GMC-300 is a cleaner/easier install of the geiger counter. When using the Raspberry Pi with this new purifier unit it also seems to make a more portable unit. I hope to later (after testing) make the time to create a video showing how easy it is to use the GMC-300 with this new air purifier. Of course the GMC-200 would work on the newer model air purifier too, but using the GMC-300 it is nice to have the display of the current CPM visible through the cover of the air purifier. The GMC-200 has no screen! Plus using the GMC-300 vs. the GMC-200 you don't need as many wires which makes for a cleaner install.

All your comments, positive or negative are welcome. Thanks in advance! 8-)

Holmes HAP242-UC HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier with GMC-200

Here is the Holmes AER1 Mini Tower Air Purifier with GMC-300

Author:  KingCobra [ Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I Welcome All Chart Members To Review My Test

Well I just canceled my testing of the Holmes AER1 Mini Tower Air Purifier with GMC-300 outside. After we recently received 8 inches or more of snow along with the blowing and drifting, this new filter got packed with snow. When I started this test several days ago, I did not plan for the rain, ice or snow. My Raspberry Pi and GMC-300 were N :o T properly protected by the weather but I am happy to say that nothing is damaged or failed. :lol:

My other unit (old faithful - GMC200 with old style purifier) is still outside just as it has been since April of 2013. The snow did get packed in it too, I have tried to clean it out as best as I can. The GMC-200 is in a thin ziplock sandwich bag. My graph on this unit does show where the snow got packed in the filter and reduced the airflow which in turn reduced the CPM being registered at least until I cleaned it out.

Author:  KingCobra [ Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I Welcome All Chart Members To Review My Test

Here are the results of the my two station graphs. Notice how the CPM are not equal. The exact CPM is not as important as the rise & fall of the radiation is along with the timestamps, which can be seen as a chart member.


Author:  KingCobra [ Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I Welcome All Chart Members To Review My Test

Above in the graph the GMC-200 looks more defined than the GMC-300. It is more easily noticed using the other graphs available to chart members to compare them. I do not currently have the GMC-300E or GMC-320 to compare my GMC-300 readings with.

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