Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?
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Author:  Lightstorm [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

My husband and I are smelling an odd odour at night ,
It seems to come in waves mostly as soon as the sun sets up stairs in our bedroom.
It is NOT a body health issue if my husband and I are experiencing these smells
at the same time.
We live in Hawaii.
As soon as I smelled it, around 8 pm, I went all around the inside of our house, cabinets, smelled the walls, NOTHING. Then went outside, We live on a hill top, there were NO cars around, but I did here what sounded sort of like a quite helicopter??.
We are not near a airport, we are secluded and it usually is very quiet,
so quiet that I can here if a car is coming up the road.
There was nothing, except breezes carrying that ODOUR????
Smells like Carbon monoxide
CAR EXHAUST! (it's the closest we can come to describing it)
If anyone else is smelling this please lets figure this out together.

Author:  KingCobra [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post.

I hope others can help you with your question.

Since you posted it in the Nuclear Chat section I assume you suspect it to be maybe Fukushima/nuclear in type?

Knowing what it smells like when smelling something from a Fukushima or say Three Mile Island type event/meltdown is always good to know. This podcast below will aid us the public and I believe everyone should hear this podcast from Fairwinds Energy Education.

Below is a summary of the podcast and the official link to it:

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

About This Podcast

This week’s podcast features the testimonies of people living near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant at the time of the accident in 1979. Unlike most of our podcasts which feature scientists and other nuclear experts, today you will be hearing from ordinary citizens who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. These powerful testimonies are available in the NRC archives, but buried under thousands of other documents they rarely see the light of day. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it make a sound? If somebody signs a non-disclosure agreement, were they ever officially harmed? Today we challenge the misconception that nobody was hurt in the Three Mile Island accident, because history is repeating itself at Fukushima Daiichi.

Author:  Lightstorm [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

Thanks for your quick and loving reply and site, GREAT!
Below is a letter we posted after I Web'ed "Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?"

There were quite a lot of hits on Med sites, all sorts of people think they either sick or crazy smelling it also.
The stupid doctors are saying its a gland problem that may require surgery ?OMG! Alert! New Gland epidemic!!
Ya , right , my Husband & I Both have a gland problem?? Because we both smell it !
And all these Sweet innocent gullible people are being poked and prodded by the Idiot Doctors.
So we posted this

OK, I am smelling it also and my husband is also smelling it.
It comes in waves, it's there one minute and then it's gone.
Last night, at around 2am, I woke up to that smell and went outside to see if there was a car or anything around that could cause this odour.
I have been experiencing this odour (that comes on and off in waves) for about 2 months now and I am determined to figure it out.
So, every time we smell it I am closing windows. and it seems a little less,. We cleaned the vent on our air conditioners, have purchased a Hepa air cleaner, and have come to the understanding that Doctors don't know shit.
Yes, they are great at fixing bones, but most of the time they are JUST GUESSING at your expense and enduring pain. That's why it's called a PRACTICE, they are practicing on US most of the time or just guessing.
Sometimes, the more they prod and poke, the more money they make (it's not their fault really, it is what they were taught to do). Along with all the prodding, poking and the drugs that they might test on you, hoping to solve the problem, sometimes that creates a new problem. (Personal experience). Some Doctors always presume that they know our bodies better than we do, even though we are the ones walking around in them.
We are actually trying to figure out where this odour is coming from.
I live in Hawaii, we have been experiencing high levels of radiation exposure, in fact most of the Pacific West Coast has been above the alert level off and on like today, readings are 110, and they are not telling anyone about it (mainly because of the Tourist Trade). So we bought a Geiger Counter that way we can "TAKE PREVENTIVE MEASURES", like Potassium Iodide, and " Holy Basil", "Spirulina", Butcher's Broom, these are all blood cleansers.
Our Gardener's hair was falling out in clumps (no one in his family has ever had this problem) his doctor put him through some test and then prescribed some medication that made him nauseous (along with other side effects) and then prescribed a chemical shampoo, WOW!
We had no idea he was having this problem, but when we did find out, we told him about the site on line and gave him a list of natural things to take for RADIATION EXPOSURE along with different blood cleansers. He recently told us he is finding less and less hair on his pillow. (The melt down in Japan is truly Horrific and will continue to be for the next 100 or so years). Radiation is still a topic that we are all constantly learning about along with the terrible side effects that might not show up until years from now. So either Doctors are being cautioned not to tell us about it or to delve into such matters, for fear of panic, or they are just plain Stupid. (Maybe they are not taught much about it in school and they seem to have ZERO common sense).
A friend in BC Canada called us 1 year ago in 2012 asking if I knew of any vitamins or Herbs for HAIR LOSS. To be honest, Radiation was the last thing on my mind, thinking, "The Government would certainly tell us if there was a problem. I mean, the melt down happened in 2011, of course it was taken care of then." ...Duh.
I know, if I were in charge, I would do whatever possible to correct this abomination. Anyone with half a brain knows that this effects our whole PLANET!
When it occurred, the Earthquake and then the Tsunami, destroying the Nuclear Power Plant, we needed to unite, gather all the Geniuses from every Nation around the world and together use all conceivable resources in order "TO FIX IT!" (Nuclear power plants, what a horrid THING, they should have never been built in the first place. We still do not know how to safely remove the waste without destroying our planet.)
As Einstein once said about Nuclear Power, "IT'S A HELL OF A WAY TO BOIL WATER!"
It wasn't until we purchased the Geiger Counter to find out truth for ourselves, we did this mainly because the on-line alarmist are sometimes a little extreme. So we called our friend in Canada back, a year too late, (her hair was still falling out and she taking some weird medications that her doctor was trying on her poor dear), We shared with her what we learned, told her about some natural herbs for RAD exposure and now slowly her hair has stopped falling out thank God. This is all a new science to us and I guess for the doctors.
Guys, we are being kept in the dark, why aren't we hearing about the RAD levels in our area on the news (ya, right, joke).
Are the powers that be afraid of panic? We have a right to also take preventative measures ourselves. We found a site on-line that shows exactly the same readings our machine is showing, so it is pretty much "dead on".

Doctors and leading Scientist today, have NO IDEA why the Star Fish are turning into JELLO (actually melting)! The idiots are scratching their heads wondering, WHY??? Why the Polar Bears in Alaska are NOW showing up dead and dying because they are losing their hair ?? Our educated scientist are still trying to figure out WHY?? DUH !
Just like they don't know why the BEES are dying??OMG, GMO'S maybe, duh. ASK MONSANTO! (they know)

Our home is all solar powered, there are no propane or gas appliances, so last night, as soon as I smelled that odour, I went around the house sniffing around to trace a source. I walked all around our property, I did noticed more helicopters flying around my area, at 2AM, very unusual. I also remembered that there was a small notice in our local paper about 1 year back, saying that they will be using DRONE'S around the Islands of Hawaii. (Is this really the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, Land of the Free and the Brave , what about, RIGHTS TO PRIVACY??) Our Beloved Government (soooo sweet of them (ha ha ha), want to be able to just help lost hikers with these DRONES,, & Help with traffic, etc, OMG, along with...,SPYING....EAVESDROPPING......SPRAYING...?
Could they be spraying something Maybe,they have done it before??? BIG BROTHER.. HOMELAND SECURITY (mmm sounds more like Hitler's SS).
Now I am sounding like the Alarmist on the WEB, sorry folks, but that's how I feel.
All I know is, this ODOUR is coming from somewhere and it is NOT OUR HOME and IT IS NOT COMING FROM OUR BODY. So the search continues.
We will just have to take our potassium Iodide and other herbs that help counteract all this stuff. Hey, so far so good, we both still have all our hair, and we will all see what happens 5 or 10 years from now, if we are all still here in one piece Ha Ha. So let's all keep the lines open and share info whenever there is something to share so we don't all think were going crazy.
Thank for listening to me Vent, we hope any of it is helpful.
K Wintergate

Some Exposure to Radiation effects;

(rem #'s) for Health Effect
Time to Onset (without treatment)
5-10 changes in blood chemistry
50 nausea hours
55 fatigue
70 vomiting
75 hair loss 2-3 weeks
90 diarhea
100 hemorhage
400 possible death within 2 months
1,000 destruction of intestinal lining
internal bleeding and death in 1-2 weeks
2,000 damage to central nervous system loss of consciousness; minutes, hours maybe days then DEATH.[/size]

Author:  rodney [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

LIGHTSTORM ck out my post under Prepping for Survival Niacin is what can realease the whats called cumulative radiation, what it is actually doing is releasing the effect of radiation on the cells of the body. The reason their is an effect is because human cells resist and so impact is recorded which is an electrical standing wave, its time people understood this an so value the effect that you get from Niacin, however when taken their is bit of very necessary understanding that is spelled out in Prep for Surv. I can walk you through this in the days ahead if you choose to get a reality on the acute radiation received . Together we can teach people how to help themselves. Just let me know your perceived reactions and ill respond . I was born on an Island and understand Islanders .

Author:  Lightstorm [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

Thank You so much
I will keep in touch!

Author:  jschmidt [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

I find it curious the odor is only at night, plus the helicopters at two am. I have finally been taking pictures of chemtrails in the skies above as the last five months they are extreme here on the west coast of central California. The recent barrage of chemtrails could be in response to Fukushima radiation clouds? Who knows? Is there anyone on this forum that might be able to provide information on that correlation? President Obama apparently spent Christmas in Hawaii, but who really knows. For Lightstorm I would consider ordering gas masks for both you and your husband to at least wear at night.

Author:  Lightstorm [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

I don't know about gas masks at night, but I didn't think about Chem trails , I think you might be on to something. And at night it's hard to spot them ( keep taking pictures)
And yes last time obama was here the birds were not singing and there was a constant high pitch sound the whole time he was here
We can all hide in bubble wrap ha ha
And Destroying our last outpost of Paradise. ..dam !
There isn't a place on this Once Beautiful Planet that is safe anymore , If the radiation doesn't kill us Monsanto will!
Love and caring for our planet must rule!

Author:  Lightstorm [ Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

Or maybe the Reptilians are changing OUR air quality to suit them?

Author:  rodney [ Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

LIGHTSTORM RA MATERIAL LL Research Book 5 Page 19 Triggers everywhere feeling tongue-tied best I can do.

Author:  Lightstorm [ Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Odd Odour like Car exhaust at night ?

Dear Rodney
Thanks, we are all taking our Niacin now !!
Lightstorm :)

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