Radiation DETOX therapy= EDTA, & more
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Author:  FL Panhandle [ Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:21 am ]
Post subject:  Radiation DETOX therapy= EDTA, & more

EDTA is helpful to remove various nucleotides from the body, Cesium 137, Stontium 90, Plutonium, Lead, Mercury, etc.

Baking soda, is often given to cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy, it binds with and removes some radiation toxins from the body.

For most human use,, ALWAYS use,, ONLY use,, the EDTA-calcium type.

But for removing radioactive contamination,, the non calcium type MAY be more effective at binding and removing the radioactive calcium, strontium, cesium, etc?
I have not read THAT deeply into it. Do YOUR own HOMEWORK. It's YOUR life,, it's YOUR job to protect it. Don't blame ME if you are an idiot.
So, as well as being helpful in reversing heart disease (not approved in USA & totally HATED by the medical community who charge $50,000 or more for open heart surgery,, when patients in Europe often can avoid surgery with just $1,500 of EDTA intravenous treatments!!!) Some heart studies, showed about 60% success rate of patients who had been scheduled for heart surgery,, NO longer needed to be cut. Surgeons LOST the price of a new BMW... need I say more?

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