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 Fuku spewing new record breaking releases in 2014 
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How dumb are we?

Apparently the Fukushima site just broke all release records for Cs's 137 AND 134!!! The one that REALLY hurts of the two is Cesium 134 (30yr halflife and will destroy you and most other animals from the inside out quickly).

And forget strontium reads, no mention of this (very nasty) one that peaks in output 5 years after an accident and this one causes all kinds of disease as it acts like calcium in your body.

Strontium attracts to the bone marrow that creates both red and white blood cells in animals and can concentrate in water and certain plants as well. A primary reason you see other diseases, bacterial and viral, after a nuclear accident as the immune system can't produce the blood cells necessary to combat infection.

Are we dumb to put up with this?

Oh.... wait a minuet... nobody knows so it's all OK, smile and it won't get ya...



When I began my quest to find Fuku Radiation facts in the US, disappointed that I was not informed of the exposure dangers quickly, (found out almost a year later) no one really knew about them.

What I found was shocking!

We must take precautions or become the next victims of "The Modern Age"

Here's some solid food, water and air info. I discovered....


Watch the video, takes a couple of bites from a apple near the famous amusement park in Pripyat (Chernobyl), tests the apple in the lab and collects her own pee samples for a week to see how much she absorbed!

The moss under the tree was crazy contaminated but the apple was basically clean of heavy metals and radioactive contamination. The "kicker" was mushrooms from 1000km away that could actually BE poisonous due to "radioactive contamination" from the Chernobyl disaster.

It's all about food choices!

Must see stuff...

What do we do after we are exposed?

Here's a good one to (start to) educate ourselves on this very important topic.

AFTER we are exposed we need to be able to "get rid of" these toxins quickly!

The quicker you excrete them the less damage they do to your family and your life... ... acity.html


Strontium is going to become a real problem in Japan's water this year (and before too long in our water as well) as this contaminate reaches it's peak output around 5 years after an accident. You may have drank or bathed in it today from someplace else like Chernobyl, Hanford, 3 Mile and Windscale (the list goes on and on).

We will see Fukushima Strontium in the US water supply, this is inevitable fact (already exists in some US water supplies from both above ground and underground bomb testing)... Acts like Calcium and causes leukemia, tumors and bone cancers. VERY potent, nasty stuff...

A "under sink" RO (reverse osmosis) water filter system for your drinking and cooking water supplies is (one of) your best defenses right now!!! Shower filters that screw onto the existing pipe at the shower head are also a very good idea!



HEPA AC and vacuum cleaner filters are a MUST!!!

If your vacuum cleaner is not rated HEPA, THROW IT OUT!!!

Careful with the lawn mover and leaf blower (snow blower too) as these are the most dangerous activities the average person can engage in...

Everyone should take precautions when handling any air filter or vacuum bag.
This is where you will "roll the dice" with your life as these could be the MOST concentrated pollutants in your environment.

7 or bust...

Although it may be nothing if something damaging is trapped in a filter or resting in your yard (or floating in your water pipes) you have a real problem. A "hot" particle can be VERY dangerous and even fatal to ingest!!! And what if it floats around awhile and gets into your child, your wife or someone that simply walked past your home (leaf blower?)...

Baddd news that we can stop (for some) if we pay attention!

AND NEVER FORGET all the millions of innocent children, mothers, fathers and animals that have already died because of this almost unbelievable and unmitigated toxic heavy metal disaster we call "The Modern Age"!!!

Stay safe, don't panic, eyes open.

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Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:27 am

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Smile! ....well that's what I'm trying to do, but the following emoticons show the natural progression - :D ..... :) ..... :| ..... :? ..... :( ..... :cry:

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Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:26 am
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eatliesndie wrote:
Smile! ....well that's what I'm trying to do, but the following emoticons show the natural progression - :D ..... :) ..... :| ..... :? ..... :( ..... :cry:

When you reference smiling more, I assume your being sarcastic? You mention that in light of what Japan experts said sometime ago? ... U1qDtongXw

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Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:27 pm

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Correct. Thanks for the link. :D Here is another without the hype - Mr. Yamashita, you are a liar.

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Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:25 pm
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