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Concern/Watch and Alert Sites 

Each radiation monitoring site has an RBL value set by software, which is the Radiation Background Level.  RADCON-1 = R.B.L., RADCON-2 = Rising, RADCON-3 = Elevated, RADCON-4 = Concern/Watch, RADCON-5 = RAM email sent.   When the level exceeds the RADCON-4 Concern/Watch level on the chart, other conditions must be met to trigger a RADCON-5 RAM (Radiation Alert Message) email or text message to your phone.  Our software uses statistical analyses to generate these alerts.  

Do Not Panic, always check with other reliable sources. Please read the disclaimer below **

RADCON-5 RAM email sent

A Alert Site - Alert conditions met, Reliable, Active and In your local area.   RAM Radiation Alert Message email sent to clients to inform them that the radiation level has increased passed their highest level in a quarter of a year,  Be careful !
List of RADCON-5 sites:

RADCON-4 Concern/Watch

G Good  Site -  Reliable but Alert condition not met
U Unreliable   Site -  Unreliable site, not enough data points, and alert condition not met
I Inactive  Site -  Reach RADCON-4 but went inactive - no more data
List of RADCON-4 sites:
4:207 near Syracuse, NY, US592021-09-27 07:53:00G
5:207 near Syracuse, NY, US1522021-09-27 07:53:00G
4:213 near Rochester, NY, US1052021-09-27 07:50:00G
5:304 near Virginia Beach, VA, US2332021-09-27 07:22:00G
4:306 near Richmond, VA, US1182021-09-27 03:19:00U
5:308 near Charlotte, NC, US1352021-09-27 06:45:00G
4:321 near Dover, DE, US492021-09-27 07:51:00G
5:402 near Atlanta, GA, US2402021-09-27 07:16:00G
5:405 near Nashville, TN, US1632021-09-27 07:47:00G
4:408 near Montgomery, AL, US522021-09-27 07:05:00G
5:414 near Memphis, TN, US2642021-09-27 04:21:00G
5:423 near Birmingham, AL, US2022021-09-27 07:18:00G
5:424 near Raleigh, NC, US4962021-09-27 06:58:00G
4:429 near Augusta, GA, US732021-09-27 07:43:00U
5:447 near Tallahassee, FL, US2832021-09-27 06:59:00G
5:505 near Madison, WI, US2872021-09-27 07:33:00G
5:517 near Grand Rapids, MI, US1992021-09-27 07:40:00G
4:530 near Saint Paul, MN, US482021-09-27 02:43:00G
5:530 near Saint Paul, MN, US2822021-09-27 02:43:00G
5:538 near Howard, WI, US3312021-09-27 07:34:00G
4:604 near Aberdeen, SD, US742021-09-27 04:49:00G
5:604 near Aberdeen, SD, US3542021-09-27 04:49:00G
5:606 near Bismarck, ND, US3492021-09-27 07:50:00G
5:608 near Tulsa, OK, US2712021-09-27 07:31:00G
5:618 near Lubbock, TX, US2282021-09-27 07:21:00G
5:622 near Fort Smith, AR, US3742021-09-27 07:38:00G
5:636 near Harlingen, TX, US1912021-09-27 06:52:00G
4:706 near Little Rock, AR, US962021-09-27 06:56:00G
5:706 near Little Rock, AR, US1822021-09-27 06:56:00G
4:713 near Omaha, NE, US632021-09-27 07:36:00G
5:715 near Des Moines, IA, US3882021-09-27 07:16:00G
4:725 near Mason City, IA, US662021-09-27 07:15:00G
5:725 near Mason City, IA, US3402021-09-27 07:15:00G
4:802 near Salt Lake City, UT, US802021-09-27 07:47:00G
5:802 near Salt Lake City, UT, US1992021-09-27 07:47:00G
5:806 near Colorado Springs, CO, US5072021-09-27 06:59:00G
5:811 near Billings, MT, US4412021-09-27 07:15:00G
5:812 near Grand Junction, CO, US3492021-09-27 07:12:00U
4:813 near Rapid City, SD, US832021-09-27 06:59:00G
4:940 near Idaho Falls, ID, US1162021-09-27 07:04:00G
5:940 near Idaho Falls, ID, US4672021-09-27 07:04:00G
4:948 near Yuma, AZ, US872021-09-27 07:27:00G
5:955 near Eureka, CA, US1682021-09-27 07:23:00G

Click here for List of Inactive EPA Stations

**  Disclaimer:

Some radiation monitoring sites are maintained by the government and other are privately owned. In either case the reading may not be accurate. Our software uses statistical analyses to generate these alerts. CPM (counts per minute) is modified by our software to reduce false radiation alert messages.

Do Not PANIC. It could be software failure or bad equipment. Always check with a second source like the news stations or the government before making any decisions about this alert.