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NETC Video Animation of 24 hours of Radiation

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center has finished one on the most important ways to show the tracking of the radiation, using the data from many different radiation tracking stations. NETC Video will display the conditions of the radiation station over the last 24 hours.

On the map, press Animate to start the video, press Animate to pause it. You can check the chart on any of the station if you are a Chart Member of NETC. Starting November 1, 2015 all Chart Members will need to renew their membership so NETC will have enough cash flow to finish some of the other projects. NETC has kept this project running as long as it could, now it is time for help from the people that use it.

Only Radcon-3 Radcom-4 and Radcon-5 levels are shown.

  • Radcon-3 (about one and half deviations from the middle of the range) . color red/white.
  • Radcon-4 (top of the 3 month range for that radiation station) . color red/black.
  • Radcon-5 (current radiation is greatly above the top of the range) - Alert condition for that area, according to all the data that NETC has collected over the past 8 years. This is not Alarm/ Danger condition because many other factors must be considered, like type of radiation, exposure rate, and others. NETC only tracks the radiation that is reported from private and government radiation stations.

Here are facts that NETC has learned from building this software model:

  1. Radiation blows in the wind, so the stations may go from Radcon-1 to Radcon-5 Alert condition in one hour. The EPA Radnet radiation stations only update their stations every 6 hours, so the radiation may be over before EPA sends out the data. Can the EPA fix this problem . Yes, will they . No.
  2. Radiation is averaged over an one hour time frame on the EPA Radnet stations, so we can only use the data that EPA Radnet sends out. Can the EPA fix this problem . Yes, will they . No.
  3. Watching the Japanese radiation station and the North East US stations, a pattern has emerged, during the cold winter months, the radiation levels decrease to the lowest levels. Living in colder climates may have some radiation benefits.
  4. Many people have called the local police or EPA about the Radcon-5 Alerts levels. The only answer they receive is NETC is not an official government company, Thank God, we are not, because government can take any data and make it look good. The government uses a long period to average the radiation at any given radiation station. The idea would be acceptable if radiation moves as slow as the government itself. Radiation that NETC tracks moves in the wind, crosses oceans in days, or shows up in minutes from our nuclear power plants. NETC using a shorter time period of the last three months to calculate the radiation NORM ( Natural Occurring Radioactive Material ) range. The range is set so the next day when the current radiation is collected, a Radcon value between 1 . 5 is set. As you can see, we track the radiation based on a three month range window. We do not state if the radiation is dangerous because we do not have the information to make that conclusion.

Thank you for all your support.

Harlan Yother, President of

or Mail your donation to:
PO BOX 21567
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Thank you.   

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Posted- Mon Jun 02, 2014 2-14 pm



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