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Chart Member - $19.95 per year - 

  1. Historical Charts from the Radiation Monitoring Sites.
  2. No advertising on the charts.
  3. Selectable options for displaying Monitoring Sites.
  4. Selectable options to display different Networks.
  5. Selectable option to display in absolute radiation values or relative values base on historical data.
  6. Access to all 2700+ Japanese Radiation Monitoring Sites. 
  7. Charts can be displayed on IPhones, tablets, Android phones and many other devices.

As a bonus -  RAM Membership is included.

PayPal Chart Member - $19.95

RAM Member - $9.95 per year server watches the private and government radiation monitoring sites for radiation alerts condition and then informs you through a Radiation Alert Message "RAM" email or text to your phone, if the alert conditions are met.  Our software uses statistical analyses to generate these alerts.  Every day, each radiation monitoring site values are modified by our software to recalculate the N.O.R.M. baseline for that site and to reduce false radiation alert messages.  Each monitoring site has its own special concern/watch points.  Our clients will be able to stay in touch with the alert radiation levels for their chosen location.

PayPal RAM Member - $9.95


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