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Mobile Radiation Units (MRUs) 

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center, LLC  ( is no longer selling RMS packages. will support each active unit on webpage with free chart membership as long as possible.  We have learned that radiation levels are rising all over the world and there are new threats in transportation and the releases of radioactive material in the air.  Sorry, but food, water, and soil is very important but to large of a project for us, so we only concentrate on airborne radiation.  

The government is moving radiation truckloads of so-called "low level radiation waste" on our highways from Hanford, Washington; Hunters Point, San Francisco, California; Carlsbad, New Mexico; and all the nuclear power plants to places unknown and other countries like around Mexico City, Mexico.  With that much radioactive material available to be stolen, like in Mexico this year; we are in danger of our own nuclear nightmare.   The next time you are driving and you look in the mirror; Is that big truck caring nuclear fuel rods for some nuclear power station?  Was that the Russian's ICBM payload that the US is making into the fuel rods?  People have detected higher radiation coming from the trucks that are leaving Hanford, Washington, so it will be possible to track the radiation. is building MRUs (Mobile Radiation Units) that will use the amateur radio community and anyone else, to start finding radiation areas around their sphere of travel.  We have two prototypes working and need your support to build production models that everyone could help trace the radioactive material.   If you can donate to this effort, Please click on the Donate button.

Your donation will help build a new server that pinpoints places where radiation is coming from, like a truck from Saint Louis, MO waste dump site or any nuclear superfund clean-up site or many other places where low radiation has been dumped.   The more MRUs (Mobile Radiation Units) out in the field, tracking the radiation, the better chances will be able to find the hot spots.   Thank you for any support that you can give.

Harlan Yother, President of

or Mail your donation to:
PO BOX 21567
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Thank you.   

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Posted- Mon Jun 02, 2014 2-14 pm



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