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Software Program: "wapp4netc.exe"

Instructions to load "wapp4netc.exe" software for your Geiger Counter.  This program has been checkout using Mineralabs, Blackcatsystems and USB connectors.  Geiger Counters that have USB connectors included like GQ Electronics:  GMC-200 or GMC-300 have also been checkout and will work with this software program. 
It is Free !!  

Step One:   Make for sure your device driver is loaded.  If your unit was already running locally, then it should be safe to jump to the next step.   If not here are some device drivers:

Black Cat Gm10/45

Step Two:  Let's load the wapp4netc software.  Once loaded, you will register your Geiger Counter MAC address as the name for your unit.  The software will find the MAC address automatically.  Current Version: 1.1.3

Come join the Forum and set-up your account for your Radiation Monitoring Site.  This will be the username that you must use to set your location.

Thank you for joining Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center -

Below are Geiger counters that have been check out and will run on Wapp4Netc software.

GQ GMC-200 Geiger Counter

GQ GMC-300 digital Geiger Counter

GQ GMC-200 digital Geiger Counter  


GQ GMC-300 digital Geiger Counter

Product Details

Digital Geiger Counter with Wand


Product Details

Mazur PRM-9000 Geiger Counter

Product Details

Radiation Alert INSPECTOR

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